Turtle Race Archives - June 10, 2009


Turtle Race Winners!

For the first turtle race of the season, the weather could not have been nicer, considering the way this spring’s weather has gone. The sun was out and the air a bit cool.  However, none of the racers seemed to mind the cool weather.
The 174 racers along with their fan base of nearly 500, made downtown Longville a great activity hub for the first time this season.

Ten year old Tanner Fredrickson of Mapleton, MN was the Grand Winner and 45 year old Matthew Lane of Lawrenceville, Georgia was the Grand Slowpoke Winner.
The Resort Turtle Race winner was Victoria Crouse of Big Lake, MN who with her family was vacationing at Thunder Lake Lodge.

One of the most popular non-racing events was the hula hoop and dance contests.
Kids always help lead the dance contests. For the Chicken Dance Contest, the Chicken Dance Singers were Sean Grube of Dayton, MN; Angela Swenson of Stillwater, MN; Jessica St. Marie of St. Francis, MN and Claire LeMier of Fargo, ND.

The YMCA Dance leaders were Kelsey Schenck of Lino Lakes, MN; Claudia LaRose of Waconia, MN; Tiffany Schintgen of Longville, MN; Tia Lilyquist of Longville.
The next Turtle Race is Wednesday June 17.

A drawing was held midway through the races to determine who won free tickets to Valleyfair in Shakopee, MN. This new contest is sponsored by BL Broadcasting of Brainerd aka WJJY. From among the many racers who registered, the winners were nine year old Christian Larson of Ham Lake and one year old Drake Johson of New London, MN.

This week’s turtle race Grand Champions worked hard to outlast their 240 rivals. Winning the honor of Grand Champion was seven year old Curtis Hence of Brooklyn Center, MN. The Grand Slowpoke winner was fourteen year old Bennett Larson of Ham Lake, MN. Judges for this week’s events were led by Pat Boen of Keller Williams Realty, and with the help of Cathy Stagnaro from Red Bird Cafe and MeKenzie Macfarland of Broadwater Lodge.
The next race is Wednesday, June 24.


Turtle Race Winners:
Front Row, Left to Right:
Judge: McKenzie MacFarlane
Grand Champion Winner: Tanner Fredrickson, Age 10 from Mapleton, MN
Grand Slowpoke Champion: Matthew Lane, Age 45 from Lawrenceville, GA

Back Row, Left to Right:
Announcer: John Weins; Judge: Ryan Skajewski; Chief Judges: Pat Boen & Mary Lou Austin

The 'Resort Turtle Race' Winner
Victoria Crouse, Age 8 from Big Lake, MN; Representing Thunder Lake Lodge

YMCA Dancers
Left to Right:
Kelsey Schenck from Lino Lakes, MN;  Tiffany Schintgen from Longville, MN;
Claudia LaRose from Waconia, MN;  Tia Lilyquist from Longville, MN

Chicken Dance Singers:
Back Row, Left to Right:
Sean Grube from Dayton, MN
Angela Swenson from Stillwater, MN
Jessica St. Marie from St. Francis, MN

Front Row: Claire LeMier from Fargo, ND


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