Turtle Race Archives - 4th of July, 2010

Longville Turtle Race Report for Sunday, July 4, 2010 With thousands of people in Longville for the 4th of July activities, turtle races were very busy. The 262 racers who competed for the top honors were some of the best racers of the year.

Pre-race activities were especially popular as several hundred participated in the hula hoop and dance contests. Dance leaders don the Turtle Mobile stage each week to help with the dances. A group from the crowd also comes up on the stage to sing the Chicken Dance Song. The singers were Joshua from Minnetonka, Meredith from Minneapolis, and Kyalie from New Brighton. The YMCA Dance leaders were Zach from So. St. Paul, Brisa from Elk River, Lynsey from Pleasant Hill, IA, and Brandon from Denison, IA.

The first race of the day is the Resort Turtle Race. Here representatives from various resorts battle it out for the fastest turtle. Winner of the 4th of July race was sevenyear- old Brandi Schletty from Harmony, MN. Brandi and her family were vacationing at Little Ponderosa Resort. The five resorts that competed were Austin’s Swamp, Longville Inn, Little Ponderosa, Timber Trails Resort, and Thunder Lake Lodge.

Each week a racer is selected from entrees to win four tickets to Valley Fair. This week’s winner was racer, Jayson Macklin from Coon Rapids Minnesota. The tickets are provided by BL Broadcasting in Brainerd. Their flagship radio station is WJJY FM.

Besting all of the other turtle racers was Grand Winner, eleven-year-old Danielle Killpack from Savage, MN. Danielle brought and trained her own turtle in preparation for the races. The Grand Slowpoke winner was four-year-old Logan Sager from Princeton, MN. A great group of volunteers gave up part of their 4th of July to help at turtle races. Ryan and Marisa Skajewski, Joshua Boen, and Madigan Doherty helped Pat Boen who represented Gallery of Homes with judging. Dodee Colberg, Stan Johnson, and Jan Elliott Registered racers. Jan Elliott had raced from her organ playing duties at Salem Lutheran to help at turtle races. Sara Felton and Peg Atzen sold tickets and souvenirs. Jeanne Bastian and Amy Shaffer managed the prize table. Game operators included Gordon Atzen, Saundra Martell, Ann Blakely, Chuck Colberg, and Dennis and Elsie Hagen. The Reverand Chuck Colberg had preached two services at Salem Lutheran before coming to help with turtle races.

Set up and tear down was accomplished by Steve Shallbetter, Don Shurtleff, Don’s visiting family, Brandon Ahrenholz from the Pines Motel, Bob Carey, Tony Ozark, Dillon Jordan, and a great team from Camp Olson. John and Sandy Weins handled the announcing duties.

Turtle Race Winners!


Turtle Race Winners

Front, Left to Right:
Grand Winner - Danielle Killpack, Age 11; Savage, MN
Grand Slowpoke - Logan Sager, Age 4; Princeton, MN

Back, Left to Right:
Ryan Skajewski, JudgeJohn Weins, AnnouncerMarisa Skajewski, JudgePat Boen, Chief JudgeMadigan Doherty, Judge

Resort Turtle Race Winner

Brandi Schletty, Age 7; Harmony, MN; Representing Little Ponderosa

YMCA Dancers, Left to Right:

Zach, So. St. Paul, MN
Brisa, Elk River, MN
Lynsey, Pleasant Hill, IA
Brandon, Denison, IA

Chicken Dance Singers, Left to Right:

Joshua, Minnetonka, MN
Meredith, Minneapolis, MN
Kyalie, New Brighton, MN



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