Turtle Race Archives - Wednesday, June 11


Turtle Race Winners!

120 brave souls came out to compete in the second turtle races of the year on Wednesday June 11th.  The morning started off quite beautiful, with temperatures in the high 60’s and a light breeze, but as race time drew closer, the rain began to fall.
Our brave leader, Jake Spartz had a tough decision to make; should the races go on? Or was it too much to handle? After careful consideration and a close examination of the radar Jake decided that his racers looked tough enough to handle a few sprinkles. Let the fun begin!
Well the weather cooperated just enough to get the all the racers through and at the end of the day the champions were crowned.
Grand Winner: Malechai Svobada from Ackeney, Iowa. Age 3, Turtle Number 21
Grand Slowpoke: Daphne Jenson from Menomen, MN. Age 5, Turtle Number 88
Resort Winner: Alitta Strande from Rochester, MN. Age 9 representation Austin’s Swamp
Another highlight from the day came when some good fortune came to the Rossmiller family from Roseville, California. The family was staying at a local resort, and heading down to the Twin Cities to visit the Mall of America later in the week. Lucky for them, when the Mall of America gift package was given away, their name came out of the hat! They will be enjoying all of the fun and games that the great mall has to offer.
The Chamber of Commerce is very appreciative to all the workers from the VFW, Camp Olson, Luther Dell Bible Camp, and all the other volunteers for coming out in the rain for the setup and takedown.  This was no easy task, and we truly appreciate their efforts. As one attendant said, “We looked like a bunch of drowned rats out there, but we got it done!”
The Very Wet Winners!Resort Winner From Longville Campground


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