Turtle Race Archives - June 18, 2004


Turtle Race Winners!

The third turtle race of the summer took place under beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. With all of Minnesota schools finally done for the year, the crowd was large and full of friendly faces both young and old. These are the days we dream about in February!
Last week’s winners were both at the beginning of their turtle racing career, both under the age of 6. This week the veterans came to play. With a total of 216 racers, the competition was fierce!
Grand Winner: Brooke Jones from Waterloo, IA. Age 18. Turtle No. 116
Grand Slowpoke: Kate Casagrande from Georgia. Age 15 Turtle No. 20
Resort Winner: Tyler Garrison from Rick Island, IL. Age 12. Staying at Broadwater Lodge.
During the winners’ speeches, the slowpoke turtle winner, turtle number 20 (also known as Walter) declared a public service announcement. He asked that everyone keep their eye out for turtles crossing the road to nest this time of year. He said “As you can see…sometimes…it takes a while…for turtles…to get…something…done.”
The thing you may not know about the races here in Longville is that everyone who comes is a winner. There are games to be played and fun to be had, so if you haven’t joined us yet, come on out next Wednesday!



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