Turtle Race Archives - June 25, 2014


Turtle Race Winners!

June has been cool in Longville, but that’s okay with the northerners who dread the humidity just about as much as below zero temperatures. This week’s turtle races took place under cloudy skies with the mercury in the mid-sixties. Any weather is good turtle racing weather, but this was ideal for the patient parents who bring the family to take part in the festivities.
Numbers were good this week, with a total of 350 racers stepping up to the starting circle. That’s over twice the year-round population of Longville! You can judge a quality of a community by those who live there, and also those who visit. This week was unique because of our out-of-state guests. In attendance on this June day we had visitors from Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Indiana, Oregon, and Texas! If you include Minnesota, that’s one fifth of the Union represented right here in Longville!
But there is something to be said for home-state advantage, and this week’s winners were once again from the “Land of Sky Blue Waters”.
Grand Winner: Reese Kottke from Deep Haven, MN. Age 6 Turtle No. 90
Grand Slowpoke: Bryan King from Brainerd, MN. Age 4 Turtle No. 304
Resort Winner: Madelyn Meyer from Rockford, MN. Age 4. Staying at Little Boy Resort
Judges for the day were Paige Nornberg, Baily Nornberg, Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Hannah Myers, and Josey Meyers.
We have a special guest joining us for the races next week! Hometown hero, Levi Lavallee, will be signing autographs and giving pointers on racing. We’ve never seen a turtle do a double back-flip, but if someone was going to train it, it would be Levi. See you next week!



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