Turtle Race Archives - July 2nd 2014


Turtle Race Winners!

Independence Day week in Longville is the epitome of the American Dream. The weather is ideal, the people are happy; this is small town U.S.A. Of course in Longville that means getting everyone together for a good ol’ fashioned turtle race!
484 racers came from across the world on this cool July day, including a visitor from Ecuador who may or may not have been wearing a parka and snow boots, and in the background some of the tougher Longville kids were tubing on Girl Lake.
We were treated this week with a few special guests. Levi Levallee, the world-famous extreme snowmobiler, who just happens to have been born and raised in Longville, was signing autographs and even took part in the racing for the first time since he was 9 years old. Sadly, Levi won’t be adding to his trophy case this week. His turtle was more interested in sunbathing than racing.
Bobber the Water Safety Dog also made an appearance and helped spread the message about keeping kids and adults safe on the water over the holiday weekend.
While the racing turtles only need to move about 20 feet to win the race, with nearly 500 racers this event really turns into a marathon. As a young racer you need to get your turtle through the qualifier, get your mom a glass of water, tell dad to go get some fudge, and promise to share your winnings with your siblings in order to make it all the way to the championship. Then, hopefully your turtle has enough juice to make it to the finish line before taking a nap. That’s a lot of work, and this week’s winners deserve an extra round of applause.
Grand Winner: Jake Vanderlinde from Farmington, MN. Age 4 (Jake raced his own turtle, named Walter, and took home the gold!)
Grand Slowpoke: Isaac Matheson from St. Michael, MN. Age 5 Turtle No. 313
Resort Winner: Isaac Strubel from Deep Haven, MN. Age 11
Judges for the day were Paige Nornberg, Pat Boen, and Sara Spartz



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