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Turtle Race Winners!

There is, of course, a good reason why people come from all over the world to visit Longville in July. There may even be quite a few reasons, but the biggest reason might just be that it is absolutely beautiful this time of year. The weather is blissful and the lakes are warm. It’s very easy to forget all about work, school, or anything else that may cause stress. This week’s race was just that; a break from reality.
Among the 343 racers this week, we had guests from Connecticut, California, Tennessee, and Australia! Can you imagine flying half way across the world, traveling deep into Minnesota’s lake country, and finding yourself at a turtle race so big it shuts down Main Street? College professors call that a “cultural experience”, and it’s something we should be proud of.
The field was full of fierce competitors, but this week’s winners had a few tricks up their sleeve. Sara Spartz, the grand winner this week was seen showing her turtle a poster of Levi Lavallee going really fast. While the slow poke winner, Clare Vacek had Bruno the town dog come over and teach her turtle named Mossy to “sit” and “stay”. We’re not sure if that worked, or if the turtle was so petrified from meeting Bruno that it stopped moving all together.

Grand Winner: Sara Spartz from Longville, MN. Age 18 Turtle No. 228
Grand Slowpoke: Clare Vacek from Lincoln, NE. Age 4. Racing her own turtle “Mossy”
Resort Winner: Bryce Brenny from Delano, MN. Staying at Pine Ridge Resort. Age 4.
Head Judges: Catherine Stagnaro and Pat Boen
Assistants: Alyson Wicks, Bailey Nornberg, Mackenzie Gross, Pagie Nornberg.
Once again the Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the volunteers who make these races happen.










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