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Turtle Race Winners!

Ask any youngster who attends school, once Independence Day passes by the calendar speeds up. Even though summer is only half over the days slip by like a turtle on a slip and slide. This is the time of year where it would be wise to learn a lesson from the “workhorses” of the races. In this case “workturtles”. Slow down, breathe deep, and enjoy our time together. The summer is fleeting, and these memories need to last us all year.
Turtle numbers were strong once again with 370 participants stepping up to the starting circle. This week is traditionally the hottest of the summer, but a fortunate turn in the weather pattern brought cooler than average temperatures and beautiful blue skies speckled with clouds that resembled marshmallows. Even a few of the turtles were seen craning their necks upwards to take in the view.
The east coast had a strong showing this week, with visitors from Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island. But once again the winners were from right here in the Midwest. In true east-coast fashion there were a few jabs about Minnesota’s professional sports teams, but the hometown kids let their turtles do the talking out on the track. One wise young Minnesotan said “If you’re going to race a turtle, you owe it to the turtle to race it right.”

Grand Winner: Emma Ericksen from St. Michael, MN. Age 12, Turtle No. 88
Grand Slowpoke: Emma Pflugshaupt from Hackensack, MN. Age 10, Turtle No. 129
Resort Winner: Tanner Curley from Fairbank, IA. Age 7. Staying at Timber Trails Resort
Head Judges: Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Paige Nornberg.
Turtle Race Winners and Judges!                                                       Resort Winner!
Left to Right: Jake Spartz, Jordan Loren, Emma Pflugshaupt,              Left to Right: Nancy Loren, Tanner Curley staying at
Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Emma Ericksen                                               Timber Trails Resort

Race Time!!!                                                                                    Little Racers Having a Good Time!




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