Turtle Race Archives - July 23rd, 2014


Turtle Race Winners!

Hundreds of us get together every Wednesday and we race turtles. Main Street gets shut down and we play games, sing songs, and hula-hoop too. It’s just an old-fashioned good time happening every week in Longville, and maybe, just maybe, we take it for granted.
These races don’t happen on accident. Every Wednesday morning a huge group of volunteers gather and start staging in town. Barriers are moved, trailers hauled in, and microphones hooked up. Then, just when the time is right the operation begins. Games go up, turtle pools move in, and registration begins. This is done in large part by people who volunteer their time each and every Wednesday to help make the races safe and fun for everyone. They come from Luther Dell Bible Camp, Camp Olson, The Young at Hearts Club, as well as individuals who just show up to help. Their motivations are all a little different, but they have a few things in common; they take pride in their little community and they want visitors to enjoy it just as much as they do. So the next time you’re at the races take a look at the faces behind the games. And if you have the time, take a second out of your happy day and say “Thank You”. They don’t expect it, but they deserve it.
Grand Winner: Ethan Mann from Braidwood, IL. Age 9. Turtle No. 278
Grand Slowpoke: Michael Stitt from South Beloit IL. Age 13. Turtle No. 72
Resort Winner: Dawson Tester, age 4, from Huntington, IN. Staying at Long Birch Lodge
Head Judges: Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Alyson Wicks, Mckenzie Gross
The Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all of the volunteers who make the races happen. Without you, we would all be “Slowpokes”.




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