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Turtle Race Winners!

The beautiful summer days eventually start to blend into one another, and even the old-timers at the coffee shop forget to talk about the weather. This is the peak of the summer season. Town is full of hustling parents and smiling children.  But, as with anything wonderful in life, these times are limited.
Most of the visitors here in Longville are on vacation, staying at a local resort for one week. That means 7 days to soak in as much fun, sun, and family as they can. For most, a staple of their experience is coming to Longville on Wednesday and attempting to race a turtle across a painted circle as fast as possible.
Now put yourself in Grace Schmidt’s shoes. You’re 13, you live in Sandwich, Illinois, and you’ve been thinking about racing a turtle all year. Finally, it’s your heat and turtle number 115 has been clawing his/her way out of your fingers for the last fifteen minutes. Your heart rate increases as you scrunch in with the other racers. You know your turtle has the necessary speed, but what about concentration? Those boys dressed as hot dogs can be awfully distracting. But when the time comes your turtle shoots off the starting line like a, well, you know, there just isn’t a good metaphor for a turtle racing through the street. The judges are keeping a close eye on the line; it’s neck and neck, and wahoo! Your turtle breezes past the competition!
You can go home to Sandwich with your head held high. Hang that ribbon on your wall and wait until next year to defend your title. Oh, and by the way, Sandwich, Illinois happens to be the sandwich capitol of the world. Who knows how to race a sandwich?

Grand Winner: Grace Schmidt from Sandwich, IL. Age 13. Turtle No. 115
Grand Slowpoke: Fischer Griggs from Rochester, MN. Age 8. Turtle No. 236
Resort Winner: Reilly Parkhurst, from Naperville, IL. Age 8. Staying at Deer Trail Resort.
Judges: Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Alyson Wicks, Mckenzie Gross, Bailey Nornberg, Samantha Shepard, Anna Likens.





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