Turtle Race Archives - August 6, 2014


Turtle Race Winners!

There are a total of 12 turtle races each season. It would be safe to say an average race has about 300 racers. That’s a total of 3600 racers each season, give or take a few hundred. Our racers are usually under the age of 18, which means an adult most often accompanies them, sometimes two. It would a safe to say each racer brings with them 1.5 spectators. That’s an additional 5400. Throw in the regular town traffic and we’re looking at 10,000 people who experience the races annually. Longville has a population of 156. Math is complicated, but it speaks volumes.
Some would say there was nothing exceptional about the races this week. No record times and no visiting celebrities. But in reality every week is exceptional. That’s because this little experiment that started so long ago could have just passed by as a fad. It could have come and gone just like Zubas (ask your parents kids; ask your kids grandparents). But it didn’t. It stuck around, and each one of you who joins us on Wednesday continues to fortify the tradition. This is turtle racing. This is fun. This is Longville.

Grand Winner: Maridith Biersaum from Lenexa, KS. Age 14. Turtle No. 365
Grand Slowpoke: Wes Gaiser from Lisbon, IA. Age 18. Turtle No. 292
Resort Winner: Max McGowan and family from Chaska, MN. Staying at Minne Teepee Resort. Age 3.
Judges: Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Cathy Stagnaro.
The racing season is winding down now, with only two Wednesday’s left to try your luck in the circle. It’s the time of year that is so nice, so beautiful, and so enjoyable that you feel you just cannot appreciate it enough. But the turtle races can help. Come and enjoy while you can.



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