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Turtle Race Winners!

Racing turtles is a lot like any other high intensity sporting activity. Near the end of the season it’s all about grit, and the performances move from “everyday awesome” to “highlight reel material”. Just like playoff hockey, August turtle racing is a fantastic spectator sport.
There are other similarities too. Just like in sports, injuries have taken their toll. New turtles are brought up from the minors, and veterans are icing down battle scars and hoping for one last shot at the ribbons. Lucky for them, they get some help from their handlers. The Daudt boys, from right here in Longville, have been providing turtles for racers all summer. This is tough work, trapping and trading to provide enough fresh shells to accommodate the crowds. These young men are battling through swarms of mosquitos, angry beavers, and the occasional snapping turtle to get the pools filled. On top of that, they place a large emphasis on turtle care; making sure that all the turtles are treated with the utmost respect on and off the track. Thanks boys, keep up the good work.
Both the turtles and the kids were in rare form on Wednesday. Extremely competitive races were reported throughout the day, with some controversial shell bumps and a photo finish that was appealed. The head judges had to send the footage to New York to decide on the winner. Just the kind of stuff you come to expect from the 2nd to last race of the year. Congrats to the winners!

Grand Winner: Jon Webster from Remer, MN. Age 8. Turtle No. 86
Grand Slowpoke: Ryan Droogsma from Milaca, MN. Age 1. Turtle No. 261
Resort Winner: Brooke Stetson staying at Pine Haven Resort. Age 11.
Judges: Pat Boen, Sara Spartz, Cathy Stagnaro.
By the time you read this article, we will be just about 24 hours away from the last race of the season. So call up the grandkids, ask the neighbors, or just jump in the race yourself! Times’-a-tickin’. There’s a couple hundred inches of snow and at least a dozen days below zero between next week’s race and the 2015 season!





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