Turtle Race Archives - August 20, 2014


Turtle Race Winners!

It was an international affair in downtown Longville this week, with people coming from across the world to send off the 2014 racing reason with a bang.  We’re not exactly sure how they hear about it, but there is a rumor that Secretary of State John Kerry is a big fan of the turtle races and he passes an invitation along as he flies around the world. This week his message made it to visitors from Germany, Greece, France, and Brazil! And while Germany is still basking in their World Cup win, Christian Aderhold has now added a Grand Winner ribbon to the trophy case in Berlin.
Throughout the summer I have cautiously avoided two things that are both occurring right now. The first, writing in the first person (it seems so self centered). The second, giving credit to the woman behind the scenes of this year’s race season. Judy Blundell is the Activities Director for the Chamber, and she pours her heart and soul, as well as some serious sweat equity, into each Wednesday as well as numerous other Chamber sponsored events. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Judy you know that she thinks having fun is serious business. She devotes herself to putting smiles on as many faces as possible, and she gets this done by working her tail off. The end result has been a summer filled with wonderful events and memories that we can all use to get us through until the lakes thaw once again and the loons return to welcome another fantastic summer in Longville. Judy is also the type who may drive directly to my house and berate me for writing this, but it had to be done. On behalf of your co-workers, friends, and all of Longville, thank you Judy.

Grand Winner: Christian Aderhold from Germany! Age 20. Turtle No. 110
Grand Slowpoke: Thomas Dalsin from Shakopee, MN. Age 11. Turtle No. 210
Resort Winner: Lauren Vesey from Detroit Lakes, MN. Age 11. Staying at Pine Ridge Resort
Judges: Sara Spartz, Pat Boen, Dakota Schroder, Paige Nornberg.
That’s a wrap folks! The sun has set on the 2014 turtle-racing season.  But the fun is not over. Please check the Chamber website for a great schedule of fall events.  www.longville.com




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