Turtle Race Archives - June 3rd, 2015


June 3rd Turtle Races- Season Start!
Ladies and gentlemen it is that time of year once again! A fantastic crowd took to the streets in Longville, the turtle racing capitol of the world, to do just that, race turtles and have fun. The crowd was full of racing veterans and fresh new faces. Young and old were once again reunited to join in our tradition of good times and easy summer living. Most notably we had a return of a long time turtle racing veteran. John Weins and his lovely wife Sandy have been staples of the Wednesday festivities for a very long time. Talk to anyone around town and they will say it’s hard to separate turtle racing and the voice of Mr. Weins.
There is always a lot of nervous energy surrounding the first race of the year. Will records be broken? Did the turtle unions and turtle vendors reach an agreement over the retirement package for last year’s racers? But all of the stress goes away in an instant when the first race start and the smiles on little faces light up.
The first race of the year saw 52 turtles come across the starting line, and at least a handful of them cross the finish line too! The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind this first Wednesday of June, but the rain held back for the most part and just kept the tar damp enough for you to hear the squeals of the claws as the turtles made their mad dash.
Finally, we would like to welcome and thank the 2015 turtle wranglers, Luke and Taylor Emerson. They did a fantastic job providing fresh and happy reptiles for the day. They have a great setup this year. The turtles are kept in a boat full of fresh water and even few lily pads to keep the critters happy while they wait for their chance at the spotlight. And to come full circle, the year started out with our new turtle race director, Cheryl Adams, doing a fantastic job getting the show on the road. It’s going to be a great summer folks; we hope you come join us.




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