Turtle Race Archives - June 10th, 2015


June 10th Turtle Races- Week Two!
The transformation that happens on Main Street each Wednesday is something worth watching.  The staff and volunteers in charge of pulling off this operation have to ride a perfect balance between getting things done and staying out of the way, and they do a darn good job of it. As race time nears the crowds start to fill in and everyone gets their game faces on. Finally the street shuts down and the focus comes to the center circle. Race time.
The turtle race season is a lot like the baseball season. The first few weeks everyone is working out the kinks and getting in shape. Star turtles start to show their moves and the crowds marvel at the streaks of green flashing across the pavement. And don’t forget the slowpokes. People admire and aspire to be like those calm souls that symbolize peace of mind, or for some absence of mind. Either way the content look of the turtle closes to the center is rare to find among any living being, and they’re rewarded just the same as the speedsters with a ribbon and a smile from the youngster who was lucky enough to draw their number.
172 racers came out to compete on this beautiful day. Now, that sounds like a lot, but we are 3 measly weeks away from the 4th of July and the peak of racing season. Come early July we will see 500-600 racers come to participate. And just like the baseball season, things will be in full swing by that time with everyone from the turtles to the volunteers operating at full capacity.
Grand Champion: Pascal Blome    from Round Lake Park, Il
Slowpoke: Grand Slowpoke  -   Sophia Wittwer   from Princeton, Mn
Resort Winner: Mitchell Janechek, Pine Ridge Resort




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