Turtle Race Archives - June 17th, 2015


Wednesday morning started with little kids dreaming of turtles, and parents checking their phones for minute-by-minute weather reports. If you like to do anything outside these days, you have a love/hate relationship with the weatherperson. Lucky for everyone, Wednesday’s forecast was wrong, and the day turned out to be beautiful.
Numbers continue to pick up at the turtle races as the summer heat builds. This week we saw 240 racers come out to enjoy a beautiful June day and some friendly reptilian competition. It was the type of day where the parents smiled while they were in line, which can be a rare sight. But when the sun peeks out from the clouds and helps dry the Frosty’s ice cream around a kid’s smile, it’s hard not to recognize that you are in the process of making memories even if you are waiting in a line that is larger that the total town population.
The Grand Winner from this week had a “generational” advantage on his competition. Lake Albrecht of Indianapolis, Indiana has family that has been coming to Longville since 1954. That’s enough time in turtle years for a family to pass on the knowledge necessary for a young man to look into a literal “boatful” of turtles and pick out a winner. And that is exactly what Lake did, picking out a winner and carrying on the longtime Albrecht tradition of winning. They now hold more turtle race ribbons than any other family in Indianapolis.
Representing the good ol’ 218 area code was our friend Elise Bates from Grand Rapids, MN who took home the slowpoke gold this weekend. When asked what her secret was Elise broke into a popular Vanilla Ice song: “STOP! Collaborate and listen!” Her quote then fizzled and the rest of the words could not be distinguished.
Overall, a pretty good Wednesday! We hope to see you next week. Same time, same place. You can’t miss us.
Grand Winner: Lake Albrecht from Inaianapolis, IN. Age 7, Turtle No. 139
Elise Bates from Grand Rapids, MN. Age 5, Turtle No. 232
Mall of America Drawing: Kiley Oritt from Andover, MN
Resort Winner: Shaley Zarbano,. Age 9, staying at Pine Haven Resort




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