Turtle Race Archives - June 24th, 2015


Longville is, as many of you know, the turtle racing capitol of the world. That title alone draws a lot of attention to our town, and it puts a lot of pressure on the competitors to perform well each and every week. When a turtle finds its way into the Longville racing circle, it’s a lot like a baseball player being called up from the minors. Maybe the turtle has done some racing in one of the other communities, or even at a resort, but everyone knows Longville turtle races are the big leagues. Some respond to the pressure by putting up the fastest times of their career, other retreat into the safety of their shell and hope for the slowpoke. Either way, Longville is the proving grounds for the serious racers across the region.
We had a scenario play out this Wednesday that has a storyline very similar to that of the movie “Bull Durham”. A young up and coming turtle spent the early part of the summer racing in some of the minor league circuits. This turtle, aptly named “Nuke” was mentored by an old-timer at the end of his career. The racing veteran goes by “Crash”, and he taught the young kid a lot, even if they argued some about the fastest way out of the circle. And just as Nuke’s education was finishing he received a visit from the Longville turtle wranglers. It was Nuke’s time; he was heading to the big leagues in Longville, MN! Crash wished him luck on his big adventure.
The results from this week were quite interesting. Griffin Pumper, Age 5 from Lonsdale, MN was lucky enough to have Nuke as his turtle, and the young kid and young turtle did a fantastic job at the racing circle and took home the Grand Champion award for this week.
It wouldn’t be a successful Wednesday without a little excitement at the judge’s table, and this week provided another opportunity for the judges to try out their advanced “photo finish” technology. The cameras were fixed on the slowpoke finish where a rare tie occurred. Axel Kowalski who comes all the way from Helena, MT had a turtle that apparently had a broken axle, and after the film was reviewed it was clear that Axel would have to share the slowpoke title with Cade Klingler of Indiana. The two were very gracious co-winners and it might have been the highlight of the whole day.
One final moment to mention from the day came from a big crew staying down at All Seasons Resort. The Broshar family has got the whole resort locked up right now with a reunion that brought everyone together to help celebrate the 63rd wedding anniversary of Anne and Gerry Broshar. And to top things off for the crew, Elizabeth Asklof, age 7 from Iowa City, IA took home the resort winner trophy.
Another good one in the books folks! Time flies when you’re having fun. Make sure to come out and enjoy the sun and nice weather while we’ve got it.
Final Results:
Grand Champion: Griffin Pumper, Age 5, Lonsdale, MN. Turtle #94
Grand Slowpoke(s): Axel Kowalski, Age 6, Helena, MT. Turtle #34
Cade Klingler, Age 8, Indiana, Turtle #250

Resort Winner: Elizabeth Asklof, Age 7, Iowa City, IA. Staying at All Seasons
Judges: Mackenzie Gross and Samantha Shepard





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