Turtle Race Archives - July 1st, 2015


Families were out in great numbers this Wednesday taking part in the weekly festivities. With the 4th of July celebration just around the corner, the races were like a huge warm-up for one of the greatest weeks of the year.  A total of 421 racers took part in the fun, and the overall crowd was close to 1000. That’s a whole bunch of fun happening in a little turtle town.
When you have to race more than 400 turtles in a little over an hour you have to have a smooth operation. This week was a great example of how the team of volunteers, chamber works, and turtle vendors all work together to make things fast and fun at the same time. It’s like watching a mechanic fine tune an old motor; each moving part humming along at the right speed making the operation machine work in what appears to be an effortless manner. But that’s just really not the case. Hard working folks make this show happen, and the pay-off is a relatively quick, fun day had by everyone.
Maybe you have heard how people who love fast cars are always looking for a “ten second car”, well the same rule applies to turtle racing. If you draw a turtle that can get out of the circle in less than ten seconds, you’ve got yourself a shot and a racing ribbon. And if that turtle can do it again, you just might get to call yourself the grand champion. This week, the grand champion was not a veteran of the turtle circle, but rather a ringer that was brought in to show off its speed. Longville’s very own Bobbie Jo Schmish did her own turtle wrangling and found a good one.  This particular reptile had a stamp on its shell that said something unique. It might have said “Lucky”, it might have said  “Fast”, it might have said “Furious”. To be honest no one could make it out because this turtle was cruisin’ too fast to make out the letters, and that special looking turtle crossed the finish line in well under ten seconds…twice!
And on the other side of the circle, well, not the other side really, more like right in the middle of the circle sat a turtle wearing a number 36 on its back. This turtle was teamed up with Ryan Cisewski from Farmington, MN. Ryan’s number 36 played it cool, sitting right in the middle during it’s first race, and then blowing right past the competition in the championship round to claim the Grand Slowpoke ribbon.
On behalf of the Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce we would like to wish everyone in the area a safe and happy 4th of July. See you next Wednesday at the races!
Final Results:
Grand Champion: Bobbie Jo Schmish, Age 29, Longville, MN. Turtle #252
Grand Slowpoke(s): Ryan Cisewski, Age 11, Farmington, MN. Turtle #36

Mall of America Winner: Mariah Roelofs of Princeton, MN.
Judges: Pat Boen, Kenzie Gross, Molly Slagle, Aly Wicks






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